massage gun slim legs

Can the massage gun slim legs?

Recently, some people say that the massage gun can slim legs. Is this true?

The massage gun is still a best-selling worldwide product in 2021. As it becomes more and more popular, everyone is beginning to wonder what magical functions the massage gun has. In fact, the simplest and most commonly used function is that the massage gun can be used to relax muscles. Regarding whether the massage gun can slim legs, please see below

First, we need to understand the working principle of the massage gun, there is a specific high-speed electric shock inside the massage gun, which can drive the gun head, and the high-frequency oscillations produced can directly act on the muscles to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain, If be used alone, it can only relax the muscles. It can be seen that the main function of the massage gun is to relax the muscles and relieve pain. In fact, I asked a professional fitness instructor about this point before. The massage gun can only be used to relax your muscles after your exercise training. One purpose is to massage and relax, and the other purpose is to make your legs won’t become muscular legs, so slim legs will have no effect. So don’t expect to use the massage gun to achieve the effect of stovepipe and shaping, because it cannot do this for you. If you want to lose weight and lose more weight, you still have to rely on yourself to exercise and control your diet.

However, although the massage gun does not have the effect of shaping the stovepipe, if it is used after exercise, it can help relieve muscle tension. When the muscles are relaxed, it can prevent the legs from developing muscle legs. Therefore, the massage gun should cooperate with the exercise reasonably. It can achieve the role of assisting stovepipe, but please note that it is only an assisting role. It is difficult to achieve stovepipe effect through hard aerobic and anaerobic exercise training, let alone take a massage gun to stovepipe. Here I also give you some advice: you must perform stretching exercises if you want a stovepipe, and judging healthy calf muscles must be the length of the muscles. Therefore, after your exercises, it is necessary to perform stretching and stretching exercises, use the Massage to relax and have a massage.