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Can the massage gun be used on the neck muscles?

Recently, the massage gun has set off a wave of popularity at home and abroad. Many well-known anchors and celebrities have begun to pick up this massage tool to give a comfortable massage to their body in their leisure time after fitness or work. Regarding the usage of the massage gun, all major websites can find this information, so I won’t explain it too much here. But speaking of it, have you ever thought about this question:

Can the massage gun be used on the neck muscles?

After consulting a lot of information, I found the answer I wanted. The human neck can be divided into the front neck, the left and right necks and the back neck. The front neck has aorta, trachea, esophagus and other important human tissues. These parts are the most vulnerable parts of the neck. The impact strength of the massage gun is compared. It is large, so the front neck is not suitable for massage guns; as for the left and right necks, these two parts are important positions for the brachial plexus. There are some musculocutaneous nerves, the upper part of the radial nerve, the median nerve, and the ulnar nerve all launch from this position. At the same time, there are no muscles in this place, and the skin is thin, so it is not suitable for using massage guns; the last is the back neck. This part of the back neck is composed of two upper trapezius muscles and the cervical spine. We all know that the cervical spine is the integrated part of the human central nervous system. If we use the massage gun in this place, There is a possibility of permanent damage to the cervical spine, because the massage gun is not massaging muscles, but bones. So the best place to use the fascia gun is our two upper trapezius muscles. Why?

These two upper trapezius muscles are one of the most fatigue-prone places in our daily lives. The role of these two muscles is to correct the posture of our neck, and they are also very important for our fitness and shaping. When we usually work or read books and keep our head down for too long, these two muscles will be obviously sore. This is one of the reasons why we need to use a massage gun to massage them; secondly, these two muscles are because It is often used, and the thickness is relatively high. When using the massage gun, there is no need to worry about impacting our bones. All in all, the upper trapezius muscle is the most suitable part of our neck to use the massage gun.

When using the massage gun, what should we pay attention to?

We only need to remember the following four points:

  1. Never hit the joints
  2. Don’t apply extra pressure to press
  3. Not all parts are suitable for using the massage gun 4. Not that the longer the time or the more painful, the more effective