How to use a muscle massage gun to massage and relax the buttocks

Can pregnant women use massage guns?

Can pregnant women use massage guns?

No, they can’t.

The massage gun uses the high-speed vibrating gun head to impact the tight body parts after exercise to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and recover. It is very irritating. If a pregnant woman stimulates a certain acupuncture point during the use of the massage gun, it may be possible to cause uterine contraction, which is not good for the fetus, so pregnant women should not use it.

Who can use a massage gun?

1. The crowd after exercise

After the human exercises, the muscles are in a state of tension and will secrete lactic acid, causing soreness, swelling, and other discomforts, especially in the legs. If their muscles are not broken up and swelled into masses, they may develop muscles in their legs for a long time and use fascia. The gun can relax muscles, help lactic acid dissolve, and relieve muscle discomfort.

2. The sedentary crowd

In daily work and study, most people sit from morning to night, causing stiffness and pain in the waist, neck, shoulders, and other muscles. In severe cases, it can also cause diseases in the shoulders, neck, and waist. Spirit brings burdens. Using a massage gun can activate muscle vitality, promote the blood circulation of the muscle tissue, and relieve muscle stiffness, pain, and other discomforts.

3. People who have muscle rehabilitation

Middle-aged and elderly people and some people with inconvenient legs and feet, generally have less exercise or cannot exercise. When the muscles are not fully activated, the muscle strength will be lost. Using a massage gun can stimulate muscles, promote local blood circulation, and speed up muscles. Recovery has a good effect on helping muscles recover.

The taboo crowd of massage gun

  1.  There are sprains, new injuries, pain when not moving, and the massage gun cannot be used easily.
    2. Pregnant women must not use the massage gun;
  2. Although there are no special contraindications for the elderly and children, they should be used with caution and reasonable;
  3. In other disease states, it is necessary to have a doctor or sports rehabilitation specialist’s judgment to determine whether it can be used.