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Can massage cure pain?  

Can massage cure pain?  

 No! No! No! This is very unscientific.

     Pain Department received an elderly patient with various degrees of injury due to improper use of a massage gun. (View this image with caution)

 injury due to improper use of a massage gun

So let’s be careful not to hit where the pain is! When using the massage gun be sure to pay attention.

The following parts must be avoided, such as blood vessels, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen, lungs, stomach, abdomen, bone and joint, etc. There are also some patients with poor coagulation function that should also be used with caution, and some elderly patients should not be fast and forceful, resulting in improper injury.


Why do you feel so relaxed after using the massage gun?

deep tisse

This is because the vibration frequency of the massage gun head can reach 2000-3000 times/minute. The vibration waves are transmitted layer by layer: epidermis – subcutaneous fat – fascia – deep muscles. Compared with traditional manual massage, the massage gun is more effective in relaxing deep muscles, temporarily promoting blood circulation and accelerating the relief of post-exercise soreness. However, it cannot cure the main problem. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital in time to find out the cause of the pain if it occurs.


 When using the massage gun, you should also keep in mind 3 major points

  1. Move along the muscle pattern
  2. Approximately 3-5 minutes for each part
  3. Do not use excessive force

Note: if there is a local injury, using the massage gun on the sore spot will undoubtedly add insult to injury.

Note: Massage gun is only a massage tool, it must be used correctly to relax the muscles; however, the massage gun does not cure the disease.