muscle injury

Can I use massage gun after muscle injury?

As all we known that we will feel tired and there may be muscle damage and joint pain after a long time of exercise training. There are many products on the market that claim by themselves to help relax muscles and treat joint problems, such as massage gun and knee protective pads. The massage gun is one of the most popular products in recent years. But what should you pay attention to when using these products?

1. Does physical massage therapists use vibratory massage machines?

Vibration massage methods have existed for a long time. The principle is to stimulate muscles with vibration, which is used strength pass through the skin to the muscles, similar to manual massage. The vibration frequency of the fascia gun is fast and strong, which is suitable for thighs, hips, lower back, and calves. It should be avoided for bones, joints, and ligaments, because it may injure the muscles. hard bones and blood vessels, and the vibration may be transmitted to the brain during massage, we need to pay attention to it. If the vibration head and other positions, too much strength will be transmitted to the neck or skull injury.

2. What should we pay attention to when using different shapes of massage heads?

Users should note that the harder and smaller the massage head, the more concentrated the force, such as the conical massage head. May injure the massage area when used. If not used properly, a sharper massage head can injury or bruise the skin.

3. what’s the best time to use the massage gun

We can use the massage gun both before and after exercise. However, it is better to do warm-ups before exercise. If the massage relaxes the muscles too much, it may have a negative effect, because muscle relaxation will slow down the reaction and may not improve the exercise effect. On the contrary, post-exercise massage can help increase blood circulation and restore muscles.

4. Is it appropriate to use the massage gun after injury?

It is very common to have muscle pain after the exercise. However, the pain may also be a symptom of a muscle injury. If the pain remains in the position several hours after using the fascia gun, users should see the doctor for treatment. If I continue to use the fascia gun on the injured muscle, there is a chance that the injury will get worse. If you are sure that the muscle has been injured, you must be careful even if you receive a manual massage. Massage for too long may worsen the injury, such as increasing the chance of microfiber and capillary damage. The masseur can judge the tightness of the muscles based on experience and adjust the massage time.