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Can DOMS be relieved by foam shaft or massage gun?

I have seen this saying before: “keep the posture of bending your hips and knees, and then lift your heels (lift your heels) slowly up and down 15 times. Do 60times per day, and you can lose your leg’s weight.”
But I have to say it’s impossible, It’s also impossible to use a massage gun or foam shaft if you can’t lose your legs.

What I brought this time is related to depress the pain, which is indirectly related to massage gun and fitness exercise, There are three themes, the first is the mitigation of delayed pain, the second is the relaxation of the fascia, and the third is “how to use the foam shaft or fascia gun to relax the muscles”.

Then stop talking nonsense and get into the subject!

How to relieve depressed soreness?

The latest conjecture about delayed soreness is that delayed soreness occurs when non-painful nerve fibers no longer inhibit the spread of pain. There are two cases, delayed pain will be particularly fierce. Let’s see if you’ve been hit.
The first is “I haven’t practiced for a long time. I practiced too much on the spur of the moment, and as a result, it hurts for a week”; The second is that today I don’t practice kneeling, I don’t practice vomiting, I’m a loser. These two situations give me a common feature, that is, compared with your current recovery ability, our training volume is too high!

The natural trainer’s recovery ability is limited. It’s not that you destroy your muscles more, you grow more. You’ve destroyed so much, you can’t grow so much. Especially for those who want to increase their muscles, you do more useless work. Of course, you don’t have to lose heart. This recovery ability will continue to improve with the accumulation of your training years and the improvement of your training level until you reach your physiological upper limit.
We can talk more about this recovery capability later. Therefore, this is still a problem of reasonably arranging the training amount. Of course, we should follow the “progressive overload”.
Let’s start with a theory. As for the role of muscle relaxation after exercise in promoting muscle recovery, many experimental authors’ final conclusions are ambiguous, which means that it may play a role in relieving pain and promoting recovery.
Let’s start with a theory. Many experimental authors’ final conclusions on the role of muscle relaxation after exercise in promoting muscle recovery are ambiguous, which means that it may be the specific reason for alleviating pain and promoting recovery: active fascia relaxation promotes the elimination of lactic acid, edema and oxygen delivery by increasing the flow of blood. What is the specific reason? As for pain relief: the evidence is unknown. Personally, I prefer to promote local blood circulation and help the transportation of nutrients, so as to improve the recovery speed. Recovery.
What is the effect of human muscle fascia relaxation?
There are many ways to promote blood circulation, such as aerobic exercise, massage, mace, fascia ball relaxation, massage gun massage, and bathing. It seems that it doesn’t cost money to make aerobic and fascia balls. Basically, there are gyms.

The conjecture mentioned above comes from this paper, which was published in 2015 and studied more than a dozen papers.
Effects of foam shaft and massage guns on joint mobility, muscle recovery and motor performance: a systematic review. You can solve our three problems by reading a paper. At the end of the paper, the reference conclusions are as follows: “if we can improve the joint activity without affecting the performance of exercise, then we should relax the foam shaft of the muscles for 30 to 60 seconds or relax the fascia guns from 5 seconds to two minutes. Doing two to five groups may be helpful for warming up before the exercises and improving the activity of the joints.”
I did this point very early, and it did improve. After that, the foam shaft was loosened or the muscles of the related parts were massaged with the massage gun. Combined with static stretching, it could also help the joint activity. In fact, with my personal experience, it’s good to be able to hold on to a pain point for 20 to 30 seconds. Unless you’re particularly tolerant. As for stretching, many people like to do it before practice and during group breaks, which will actually have a negative effect. The conclusion on promoting muscle recovery is: possible. As for whether the foam shaft or fascia gun relaxes whether or not to improve athletic performance, the author’s view is that the evidence is unclear and needs further study.

Therefore, the summary is as follows:
1. Control the total amount and intensity of each training
2. A properly regulated foam shaft or a massage gun may relax.
3. Ensure balanced and adequate nutritional intake
4. Ensure adequate sleep and rest

Matters needing attention and teaching in the use of foam shaft or massage guns
Next, we will go to the practical part to teach you how to use foam shafts to relax some of our larger muscle groups.
First of all, we need to know how to use the foam shaft and points for attention. The foam shaft almost applies to all the large muscle groups of the human body. The way of pressure is mainly from our weight, pressing 15 to 30 seconds at a certain point of the muscle, and moving 15 to 30 seconds in a small range of 1 to 2 centimeters. After one pain point rolls through, proceed to the next pain point. Then you can also do the internal and external rotation of the thigh at the pain point to press more fully. Then the muscles will extend to both ends and converge with the fascia into tendons, which are connected to our bones. What we want to roll is the part of the muscle between the tendons at both ends, not the tendons, so don’t roll the tendons and joints. The part with strong pain can stay a little longer, pay attention to breathing, tell yourself to relax actively, and let the muscles relax like this, because the strong pain may make the muscles tenser and tighten the thighs.