make pork chop wiht massage gun

Can a massage gun also make pork chops?

First, let’s briefly popularize the science for those who don’t have a massage gun. The massage gun consists of its main body and massage heads.
The main part has three gears: low, medium, and high. After turning it on, it will chug chug chug like a machine gun. As the gear increases, its speed will also become faster. There are generally four massage heads, which can be disassembled and replaced, and are used to massage different parts of the body.Sports Massage Gun 30 speed OEM ODM Supplier

After understanding the principle of the massage gun, you can into the next usage scenario: meat floss.
someone mentioned making steak and beef balls, but after thinking about it, the steak can be fried directly. It feels more practical to make pork chops.

Pork meat

Prepare a piece of tenderloin, if it has ribs, make a few cuts to prevent it from shrinking when frying, and then use the massage gun to strike on the surface of the meat like you do a lifting massage with a beauty instrument every night.

make pork chop wiht massage gun

the meat will double in size in a short time of hammering, but the problem is also obvious, if the force is not well controlled, it will become uneven in thickness

make pork chopMoreover, the massage gun is not very easy to operate when it reaches the edge. If it is used too light, it will not be thin, and if it is used too strong, it will become mashed by accident.

Pork chop

In the end, there is a high probability that you can only get a pork chop that is twice the size, but the edges are tattered and the middle is uneven. (dislike)

Pork chop

Although it looks a little sloppy, I still have to taste it. Coat with starch egg liquid bread crumbs and fry them in oil until golden brown

fried Pork chop

A crispy and juicy pork chop is fried.

fried pork chopThe mouth-watering pork chop look fantastic.

fried pork chop