massage gun

Are there any side effects of using a massage gun to relax muscles?

The answer is: There are no side effects, the premise is the correct operation method!

In fact, the principle and effect of a muscle massage gun are the same as that of inviting a professional muscle restorer. They all knead the muscles to relax the muscles and dredge the blood. In the article: ” principle and effect of muscle massage gun”, the principle of muscle massage gun has been introduced and classified in detail.

After saying the “principle”, let’s talk about why many people feel the side effect of muscle “itching” when using the muscle massage gun. This can be divided into two situations:

The muscles are itchy and slightly painful

In fact, That’s because the muscles to be massaged are in a tight state for a long time. Using a massage gun to massage the tight muscles is to deepen the relaxation of the tight muscles, so you will feel itchy. This also shows that the effect of using the massage gun to massage the muscles is achieved.

You can experience it. Sitting on a chair, relaxing your knees, and kneading the muscles on both sides of the upper knee with one hand, you will feel the itching unacceptable! The muscles of the thighs are tight due to long walking.

Although this feeling is very enjoyable, it is not possible to relax one muscle for a long time at a time. It can be seen clearly that the muscle massage gun can not be relaxed for a long time at the same place at a time, and the time should be controlled within one minute.

Basically, using the correct method to relax and massage is very good for the body muscles. Many people don’t know where to see and say ” muscle massage gun is too harmful” and avoid it! That’s because you’re completely unfamiliar with how it is used. The essence of the original concept of the fascia massage gun is “slip on the muscles without pressure”, and many people use it hard for the pursuit of pain, this is the source of the problem.