ODM Fascial Massage Gun

About choosing fascial gun speed gear and noise

speed gear

1. The choosing of fascial gun gears, many people are entangled in how many gears should they choose when choosing a fascia gun? How many gears should I choose from the fascia gun? Because there are three gears, five gears, nine gears, and even twenty gears of fascia gun. In the choice of gears, it is not that the more the better, but the enough, you can use it according to your actual situation. Generally speaking, three gears with obvious distinctions of the high, medium, and low are enough.


2. For the noise problem, the use of a relatively good quality brushless motor on the fascia gun will bring you a relatively quiet experience. For example, in the SoonPam brand fascial gun, when the fascial gun is turned to the first gear, the measured noise is controlled at 53 decibels; in the second gear, the noise is controlled at 58 decibels; the third gear is 63 decibels. The noise of the largest gear is only the level of people’s usual talking.

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